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This blog is not about my faith per se, though since it’s about my personal journey my faith often comes up. And I don’t really want to spend any time talking about the so-called Mormon Moment. Because I kind of hate the Mormon Moment (with of course the exception of whatever advantage it offers talented people I know who are authoring worthwhile books.) I’m tired of though unable to look away from the many articles claiming to describe me and those of my faith. They are almost inevitably caricatures. Some seem hostile and others simply ignorant. They are so far from accurately depicting my life that I would laugh, except that real people are believing these things and making real decisions based on what they read.

One of the most frustrating accusations I see leveled against me and my fellow Mormons is that we are naive about the world. Which is where I finally get to the part about something worth reading (you didn’t think it was this post itself did you?) This blog post resonated so completely with my life’s experiences. It’s beautifully written and true. Just imagine when he talks about Nazis and Nazi victims and former Communists that you are hearing me talk about survivors of Siberian labor camps and, well, former Communists.

It may be that some Mormons are naive. I really don’t know those Mormons. Accusing anyone of naivete is always dangerous sport. You simply cannot possibly know the richness of another persons experiences until you ask. The Mormons I know well enough to dare attempt to describe are not ignorant of the world one whit.

So again go here: http://mormonmidrashim.blogspot.com/2012/02/whose-world-is-realer.html It’s worth the trip.

And for good measure – this is the worthwhile book:


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