5 thoughts on “if you were visiting me today”

  1. Then you probably are glad I didn’t show a picture of the glass with the red home-made grenadine in the bottom. :)

  2. No no, homemade hooch is Mike-approved. So, how does cucumber lemonade taste? Can you describe it beyond “lemonade…with cucumber”?

  3. Ah, but grenadine is just pomegranate syrup. I drink as much now as I did in high school. Which is to say: not at all.

    It’s more like cucumberade…with lemon. Since this recipe leaves the skin on (hence the color) the cucumber juice is stronger than it might be if I had used one of the recipes that call for discarding the peel.

  4. You’re right, of course, about grenadine. I was thinking vermouth. Pomegranite anything is OK in my book, though. And the cucumberade sounds…interesting, if not in an entirely good way. I may have to try it, if for no other reason than to say that I did.

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